What is Digital Remains?

Digital Remains is a one of a kind service that offers a digital management system that gives you complete control of your digital legacy and online assets that are not typically covered by a will. Today many of us have a huge personal presence online, including websites or online accounts. Digital remains allow you to decide what happens to your digital life. One person can be given the control of your accounts, or multiple people, our service can be fine-tuned to fit each customer’s specific and varying needs.

The choices you make about your digital life are only administered when your digital executors enter their protected 16 digit code to the Digital Remains system. This ensures that no one has access to your digital accounts before your death. All the data assigned to Digital Remains is completely secure and is so heavily encrypted even our own staff are able to decode it. We ensure all data is backed up in varying locations so as to always have a completely secure backup of our data.

Our online will service means you can update your digital assets as necessary and make changes to who has access to your accounts on your death. Digital assets include emails, website logins, videos, photos etc. Digital Remains prides itself in dealing only with expert lawyers and leg aides to guarantee your digital assets are dealt with complete professionalism.

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Executors Assets Documents


Who is my Digital Executor?

Your digital executors are two people, chosen by you to safeguard the encrypted 16 digit security number. These people do not have to part of your family, or know one another but must be able to be told when you have passed away. At the time of your choosing, Digital Remains will send the encrypted code with instructions of use. This is done through post or email. No action will be taken until both codes are entered by each individual. What’s more, the codes can be entered in separate counties at separate times; here at Digital Remains we ensure both codes have been properly received before any of your digital locker wishes take place.

What can I do with Digital Remains Digital Afterlife?

Digital Remains understands that each of our customer’s needs are unique and often varied. We’ve developed systems that allow you to manage all your current digital assets, but also adapt your digital afterlife choices as new accounts and choices decided. You can decide what goes in your obituary or send a specific photo to a loved one once you pass away. Your log in information for websites and accounts you hold can be transferred to those your trust, our aim is to be as versatile as each individual user looking to protect their digital assets after death.

Is my Information Secure?

We know how important security is for all our customers, which is why all your data is sent from our 256bit encrypted SSL site. What’s more, the records are backed on servers in such an encrypted form that even the Digital Remains engineers cannot decode them. It only becomes decoded when it is viewed on your screen. We back up our system every day off site as an extra precaution for your online assets.

Do I need a Solicitor?

Many people think in order to create your will you need to fork out for a high cost solicitor, but this is not true. Digital Remains endeavours to provide you with wills and legal documents without the high cost and jargon. 70% of the wills in the UK are uncomplicated and do not require any examination or lawyers work, it is a simple case of question and answer. Wills are thought to all be complicated and this has lead to the public paying a premium for them, though this is false.

At Digital Remains we provide a unique alternative to expensive solicitors, allowing you to take charge of your digital will and testament. Our services have been created and written by lawyers to guarantee the service we provide mirror that of any solicitor, but without the extra incurred costs.

Do you have a Standard Will Service?

Digital Remains offers a standard will writing service. Simply navigate to the “Wills” section of our menu. The will writer we offer allows you to produce a will of the exacting high standard of a will that is produced by a solicitor, though without the same costly incurrence. As Digital Remains will service is all online we do not have the same costly overheads as we do not act your executors. The service we provide offers you full control of your digital footprint wishes, without the extra costs. With Digital Remains you can create your will, and amend when whenever you choose.

Do Afterlife & Writer work as one?

Afterlife and writer can work as one, though only in recent years have standard wills begun catering for your digital and online assets leading the public confused about what to do when someone dies, who has left a big digital footprint. Digital Remains saw this confusion and vowed to help with this problem. Our service gives you control of what happens to your digital legacy after you pass away. We offer a standard will service and recommend you make use of both these services giving you total security over digital services.


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Free forever!

  • Setup your details
  • Upload your Will and other important documents
  • Add or make your Digital Assets lists with photos, videos, emails, sites, social accounts, obituary, netflix, itunes, headstone etc.
  • Make a Video, take a Photo
  • Write an online diary and much more

Only £119.99 Once, Forever!
or £5.99 per month

  • Add your two Digital Executors, send them their 16 digit secret codes to action your Digital Asset wishes upon your death.
  • Access the simulation function to see in summary who will be sent what, and how
  • Activate your Digital AfterLife Manager for the rest of your life

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