Business Opportunity

“A great opportunity to build a professional business with recurring income for you and your family.”

No Experience in the Will Writing industry is necessary, we provide all of the backend processing and customer support to your clients.

Start your business with the Unique AfterWills products only available to Partners. To receive the free AfterWills brochure and FAQ Now please complete your details below, and begin your journey to independence.


After years of the public paying high priced lawyers and legal consultants to produce Wills and legal documents provides the same high quality solicitor approved work with reasonable costs and non-jargon for our customers. Around 70% of Wills in the UK are for uncomplicated Wills, not requiring extra lawyer work – a question and answer session with standard formatted answers.

We provide you with the unique products, tools, training, professional backup and support to provide a real alternative at an acceptable cost. You do not need any previous experience or training in Will Writing to run this business, we take care of all the backend processing , functions and client support. All of our services are developed and written by lawyers, ensuring the services you provide to your clients are at the same quality and requirements, as any lawyer would provide, without the high cost.

A Unique Opportunity... is a unique business opportunity with a unique product, not available to anyone else in the Wills market.

With our unique products only available to AfterWills Partners and the support of our experienced support team, you can develop your own business to secure the future of you and your family. No prior experience in the Wills and Legal Market is necessary; you can work from home or your office, on a full or part time basis.

There is no one that provides a service that takes care of your clients Digital Afterlife, their facebook, twitter, iTunes, website logins, online journals, etc. We are the only company having developed this software just for our Partners.

The AfterWills Products...

AfterWills Digital Afterlife

Our unique product has been developed to provide you with something only available to AfterWills partners and your clients. Clients can manage what happens to their Digital Assets and Digital Afterlife when the time comes.

From their social media, iTunes, blogs, shopping, air miles, PayPal accounts and others digital assets or any type of online information including video and photo journals made for loved ones. Your clients can upload documents for safe keeping, as well as store their original Will for safekeeping and request what they want in their obituary or headstone. Giving your client the safest way to control their Digital Legacy.

AfterWills Will Writer

Your Will Writer is part of your business, allowing your clients to go directly onto your website and create their own Will, with various options such as mirror wills, and different levels of services that they require. Our system has been designed, written and produced by fully qualified solicitors ensuring your clients are getting the best possible Will, for a great price.

You do not need any previous experience or training in Will Writing to run this business, we take care of all the backend processing , functions and client support.

As an Partner we provide you with:

  • Your own co-branded website
  • 80% of sales paid to you
  • Recurring sales revenue
  • Digital AfterLife
  • Will Writer
  • Sales monitoring login to review your sales and enquiries
  • Training manual and ongoing business support
  • Business cards & flyer designed for your new business
  • Back office client processing, support and business advice
  • All services covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Professional Marketing Agency support
  • Social Media Manager Portal
  • Full or Part Time / At home or office
  • Low cost and rapid start up
  • Tried and tested business
  • Transferable and sellable business

Benefits to your clients

  • Unique AfterWills Digital Afterlife service
  • Record Videos, Photos, Emails, Journals, Digital Assets for managing their Digital Legacy
  • Wills produced by qualified solicitors
  • Will services at reasonable prices
  • Fast dispatch of wills and documents
  • Professional service and support

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